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Color and Font Chooser

This Java applet lets you choose colors and fonts for your applications. The values of the colors you get, can be used in many programming  languages (not only in Java). It will be very helpful for developers and programmers as you can easily try out various combinations of background and foreground (color of the text) colors. You can also try out different fonts in this applet.

To set the foreground color, select the Foreground option. Next, you click the color buttons at the top for common colors (or "R" button to generate random colors). The color of the text will change accordingly. For finer shades you can use the scrollbars to adjust red, green and blue values.

For setting background color follow the same procedure.

Once you are satisfied, get the respective RGB values from the text fields. These values you can pass in the java.awt.Color constructor to get the desired effect for your applications. 

For use in html pages you get hex values too. You can also use this applet to convert RGB values to hex and hex values to RGB values.

To try out fonts, just choose different options like font name, size, and style. As soon as you make these choices, the font of the text in the applet will change reflecting your choices.

Note: If the applet is not visible properly, just bring it in completely in view by scrolling, minimize and then restore the browser window.


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