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Section 5 : Operators and Assignments

In an expression involving the operators &, |, &&, ||, and variables of known values state which operands are evaluated and the value of the expression.


Let us take an expression :


            (expression1 op expression2);


where op is any one of the above operators and the two operands are boolean expressions.


The operators && and || are known as short cut logical operators. In the above expression, if op is one of these operators then there may be instances when only the first expression will be evaluated and not the second expression. If the evaluation of the first expression itself determines the result of the overall expression, then the second or right hand expression will not be evaluated.


For example, if the operator is && and if the first expression evaluates to false, then it is clear that whatever the result of evaluating the right hand expression, the overall expression will evaluate to false only. In such cases, there is no need to evaluate the second expression. But, if the first expression evaluates to true, then the overall result of the complete expression will depend on the second expression. In such cases, the second expression will be evaluated.


Operators & and | always evaluate both the operands.


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