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Java Applets

Here are some java applets, written by me, which you will find entertaining and/or useful. These java applets were written when I needed them.

Sometimes Java applets are not visible properly in browsers. They appear as if someone has taken an eraser and erased parts of the applets. If it happens, you need to bring the complete applet in view by scrolling. Then just minimize the browser window and then restore it. The applet will be visible in its full glory.

Color and Font Chooser for Java and HTML 

I used to face great difficulty in choosing background or foreground colors for my applications as the colors provided in java.awt.Color are too few. In the beginning I used to randomly select three integers for the constructor of Color class, apply it, and then see the effect. If not satisfied (which was almost always the case ), then the integers had to be changed, the code compiled and run again to see the effect. After numerous trials I was able to get a color of my choice. To make things easier this applet was written. Of course, if one is using javax.swing package this applet is not required, as a class for this very purpose is provided. But for awt buffs this applet would be of considerable help.


This applet also allows one try out different fonts. So, using this applet will let you find out the ideal combination of background color, foreground color and font for your applications or for use in web pages.


See what people have said about this applet. Click here.



This applet is for learning and practicing arithmetic. It just keeps presenting new problems to solve as long as the child keeps on practicing. School going kids can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, LCM and HCF using this applet. During the practice session, one can keep track of score.


This can be a great tool for teaching arithmetic to children.

Alphabet and Digits 


It helps a child learn alphabet, colors, shapes and digits in a playful way. Kids would simply love it. It will almost be like an educating game to them. The applet will keep on displaying your choices at certain intervals of time ( you can configure the interval too). Like the other two applets, this applet has also been very popular.


This applet too can be a great teaching tool for nursery or pre school kids.


Linear Equation Solver


This applet solves linear equations. Presently, it solves equations with two unknown variables. The applet with more unknown variables will be uploaded here as soon as it is completed.





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