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After I became a Sun Certified Java Programmer (conducted by Sun Microsystems), I thought of trying to help other aspirants. This was the only way I could think of showing my gratitude to all the persons who helped me by providing excellent java resources related to java certification on their sites. So, I designed a java mock exam applet. The questions are a bit harder than the real exam. This exam covers almost all of the objectives, except very simple points. This exam was designed with SCPJ2 exam in view. Though, Sun Microsystems has launched a new version of the exam (Java 1.4), most of the objectives remain the same. So, this mock exam remains useful to aspirants of the either version of the exam.


I am pleased to say that this is one of the most highly rated mock exams on the net. To see what has been said of this exam, click here.


There are also study notes for this exam. These notes were prepared when I myself was studying for the exam. Though, the notes are not exhaustive, they will most certainly prove to be extremely useful, I hope.


I have jotted down a few salient points about Java programming language. These will be especially helpful for those appearing in the SCPJ2 exam shortly. You can take them as last minute refresher course.


You will find many useful links to other sites having free online java mock exams, free downloadable mock tests, free java books (online and downloadable), study materials and free java resources on the links page.


If you wish to know about the books I studied for preparation of Certification Exam, click here.


This article is translated to http://science.webhostinggeeks.com/java-sertifikat in Serbo-Croatian language by Jovana Milutinovich from http://webhostinggeeks.com/.






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