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General Resources Mock Exams

Java Developer Connection





Java Corner at Artima

Sun Microsystems India


Just Java

Bug Parade

JDC Programming Discussion

anilbachi java certification

The Jakarta Site - Tomcat

The Java Boutique

Tony Alicea's Java Page


Servlet Host

JDC Tutorials

JRE website

Focus on Java

Whizlabs Java Certification Preparation Kits



Bill Brogden's hardest questions

Yogesh Shastri's Mock Exam

The javaranch exam

APoddar Test

Sarga Test

Valentin C. mock exam

Java Mock Test

Sahir Shah's test applet

Boone's Exam 1

Boone's Exam 2

Boone's Exam 3

Khalid Mughal

Sun practice exam

IBM Certification Exam

Brainbench's Exam

Free Java SCJP Mock Exam

Free Java Books

Introduction to Java Programming

The JavaTM Virtual Machine Specification

The Java Language Specification

Thinking In Java by Bruce Eckel

Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines

Securing Java

Java Tutorial from Sun

Focus on Java Programming


Other extremely useful non-Java sites







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