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Play into this heart and soul
and it seems like we've been down this road before
and I don't want to run into problems anymore

scary as it seems we are quite well
the best of friends can often be hell
when you feel much more for the other
than yourself

and at times I try to fight it away
but your touch makes it stronger day to day
frustrated, I only push you away

how many time has the topic come up
between us , how much I love you
and you get scared, then we don't talk for days

silence ain't golden for this boy
I feel alone in the world without your voice
seeing your face makes me rejoice.

don't know what I'd do if you weren't around
my heart hurts at just the thought
but you never seemed to really care

what of us will become
I hope you realize that I love you, hun,
and I'd never leave your side

if it were my time

                                                    Jon Macomber


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