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Love, Life and Longing


Oh..my life,my love and my longings
stripped bare of the belongings
feels so heavenly and divine
And all my heart does is whine

ohh..How can I describe my life
It's been full of strife
Trapped between passion and desire
I've been playing with fire

Oh..and how do I describe my love
It caught me unawares...by jove!
When pleasures shared were multiplied
It seemed everything was justified

Ohh...and how do I say what I longed for
It was not something I signed for
I was like a kid in a candy store
I had some and still wanted more

There are things I still long for
those that I could write a song for
The love for longing grows everyday
I know there will be a price to pay
There are thousand things to strive for
But that's what I am alive for!


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