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Stretch Forth Your Hand



Stretch forth your hand and hold to mine
as through this fog we go.
Endless as night in a borrowed dream
of one lost and deep in sorrow...

I see you not and I hear not your voice,
and yet I feel you so nearby.
It's just a dream - yes, always a dream -
unreachable for even you and I...

I know that I shall never know
why I met you this way.
Carrying this cross of burden along
knowing that here alone I must stay...

I cannot know, nor ever will see
why this path I know I need walk.
Without you here by my side to touch
and never given the chance to talk...

I close my eyes now and try to see
the reason why you have been.
A burning fire, an unquenchable desire
and so much more than just a friend...

A weight of pure sadness presses my soul
and tears flow where I cannot see.
For what I've so wanted and couldn't have
and what I knew never could be...

It was you who would visit my dreams
and you were unreachable for me then.
I was but a small child when I saw you,
but I knew I'd find you, my friend...

I was so sure when I was young that
when I did find you you'd be mine.
The thought never did enter my mind
that it would come too late in time...

I sit here with tears and
cannot think quite clear of what I
wanted to say. I just want you to know
that I never did doubt,
Yes... That I would find you again

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