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The Here And Now

The here, and now is where we are
So speak to me not of yesterday
For it is gone forevermore
In the past it shall ever stay

Speak not to me of days yet to come
Of the if, the when, the how
For you, and I, my old friend
Live only in the here, and now

Time has taught me much, old friend
The one thing I know to be true
The here, and now is the only time
In which there is anything we can do

What is yet to come
Will unfold in its own time
Of things in the past we should have done
There is no use to pine

We have both seen many a sunset
And awoke to many a dawn
We are now to where tomorrow
One, or both of us may be gone

That life has gone by so quickly
I really don't know how
The only thing for sure we really have
Is what is in the here, and now

Today, my old friend, I say to you
Just what you mean to me
For to wait just one more day
Seems far too risky now, you see

If there is anything you need to say
Today is the time to find how
For all old friends like you, and I
Can be sure we have, is just the here, and now

Already the list of those we knew
Like the shadows of life grows long
All too soon evening will turn into night
Our time will have come, and gone

We have both come to the point in life
Where we have a weathered brow
The point in life where all we have left
Is just the here, and now


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