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Why Say Goodbye

Why say goodbye?
Why turn away?
Why say we won't see each other
after this day?

Why do you frown?
Why shed a tear?
Why do you bow your head,
as if in fear?

Why that hurt in your eyes?
Why that look on your face?
Why do you feel
this is the last place?

Why all the sorrow?
Why all the pain?
Why all the sadness,
why again?

Goodbyes are not forever.
They are not the last word.
They are just something to say,
something to be heard.

They are a continuation,
A forwarding of what is to begin,
A promise, a hope,
not something to condemn.

Goodbyes should not bring torture,
Torment, or despair,
Feelings of comfort and patience
should instead be presented there.

This is not the end,
This is not our last chance.
For in this thing we call life,
it is only one dance.

So I say once more,
why say goodbye?
To end this way, to make it final,
why even try?


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