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AKGBackup - The backup program





Frequently Asked Questions about AKGBackup


(If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to write to me.)






Will AKGBackup run on my system?


AKGBackup is written entirely in Java programming language which boasts platform independence as one of its strong points. Therefore, AKGBackup will run on any system. Of course, you will need to have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) properly configured on your system.    


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I have heard that java programs run slower than those written in other languages like C or C++. Will AKGBackup take more time (Compared to other programs) to backup my data?


There are many issues to be addressed by a programming language and more often than not, each programming language has to strike a balance giving more importance to some of the issues over others. Java language may be slightly slow in certain cases, but it would be wrong to generalize this statement. Under many circumstances, Java runs actually faster than many other languages. AKGBackup is one of the programs which totally debunks such statements. You will in fact be surprised at the speed at which your backup jobs are performed. In fact, I emphsize speed as one of the strong points of AKGBackup.


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How do I use this program to make an image of my hard disk or can I use it to backup my system partition?


AKGBackup is not an image creating software, so you cannot make an image of your hard disk. In other words, if you intend to backup your system partition and expect to be able to restore your system partition including operating system and installed programs, AKGBackup cannot do it. The reason is that backup programs cannot access system files or those files which are open or in use. To backup your system partition, you need image creating software.


AKGBackup can, however, backup all data files and folders easily. It is meant for this job.


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You say that the program is free, then why do I need to register for it?


I would like to know how many people are using my program. Even writing to me for the registration code is a task which will not be done by some one who is not interested in this program. So, once I receive a request for the registration code, I know that the person asking for it has actually installed the program and liked it. The registration process is simply a way for me to gauge the popularity of my program :-).    


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When I try to run the program, it refuses to run and gives a message saying ".... file missing" or "....file modified"?


All the files contained in AKGBackup.zip are very important for the running of AKGBackup. If someone deletes or modifies any of the original files, the program cannot run. If this is the case with you too, then please reinstall AKGBackup, which simply means unzipping AKGBackup.zip in a new folder.

Move all the files with ".dat" extension in the old installation folder to the new installation folder. These files contain the information and your preferences of the backup jobs you defined earlier. Do not copy or move any other files to the new folder.    


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I want to register, but I can't figure out how to do it. I typed in name as my user name but then I have no idea what my serial number is. Where can I find it?


All you have to do is to write an email to me, asking for the registration code. I will send you the code and you will be able to register without any problem.    


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Can this program be made to run at a scheduled time? Can the backup process be automated?

Yes, it can. Use the windows task scheduler to run this program at a time of your choice. This way you will not have to remember backing up your data (the AKGBackup window open and waiting for your command on your desktop will remind you). If the scheduler does not seem to be able to run the program please read this article :

311119 - Task Scheduler Does Not Run Tasks.


The backup process can be automated. For this feature to be enabled, please contact me :-).    


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I had to reinstall your program, but now it does not recognize the earlier backups. How do I restore the backups?

When you create or configure a backup job for AKGBackup to perform, it creates a .dat file in the installation folder. This dat file stores the information about the backup job you defined. When you reinstall AKGBackup in a different folder, just move all the .dat files from old installation folder to the new installation folder. On the next run, AKGBackup will find these files and will recognize your backups.    


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Why the program does not make a single backup archive?

There are mainly two reasons for this. One is that zip files are known to get corrupt and if it happens with your archive, all your files become inaccessible and you will lose all your backup data. AKGBackup creates different archives for different files, so even if one or two archives become unusable, you will still have rest of the files safe.


Secondly, creating a single archive will significantly increase the time taken for backup. Each time you backup a particular folder, the whole archive will be updated and therefore time taken will be same every time. With different archives for different files, only those archives will be updated whose original files have been modified in some way. This greatly reduces the overall backup time.    


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When I try to run the program, it gives ......error message. How do I set it right?

After having extensively tested the program myself I was almost sure that it had become a bug-free program. Presently, there are hundreds of users who are running this program on a regular basis. I have received a few error messages from the users of this program but none of the errors were due to any bug in the program. Most of the errors get resolved simply by re-installing the program. A small number of errors relate to the system on which the program is running. Some errors occur if AKGBackup tries to backup some file which is open or in use by the system or some other program. The solution to this type of errors is to find out the file in question and close it.

So, in case of an error message, the best course of option is to reinstall the program in a new folder and moving only the .dat files from old installation folder to the new installtion folder.     


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How do I uninstall the program?

Nothing can be simpler :-). Simply delete all the files from the folder where you initially unzipped AKGBackup.zip. AKGBackup does not write any entries to the registry, nor does it create useless files all around your system. So, there is no complicacy in installing this program.    


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How to configure JRE (Java Runtime Environment) on my system?

You actually do not need to configure JRE. You have to set path on your system. Here is how you can do it :

The process of setting up the "PATH" environment variable depends upon your operating system. You must check the documentation of your operating system, before setting up the "PATH" environment variable. However, for those, who are unable to get any such information, the procedure is outlined below:

For Windows 9x:

  • Locate the file Autoexec.bat on your system.

  • Copy this file to another location so that you can restore it in case anything goes wrong.

  • Now open the file in an ASCII editor like notepad.

  • Locate the PATH statement in this file.

  • The Path statement might look like this: PATH=c:\windows; c:\windows\command. COM

  • Start by appending a semicolon at the end of the path statement.

  • Locate the folder which contains java.exe.

  • Typically it will be c:\jdk1.2\bin or c:\progra~1\javasoft\JRE\1.2\bin (The progra~1 stands for the program files folder).

  • Type a space after the semicolon you appended to the PATH statement.

  • After the space append the path of folder containing java.exe to the PATH statement.

  • Finally your path statement might look like this:

        PATH=C:\windows; c:\windows\command.com; c:\jdk1.2\bin   

After modifying the path statement, save the file autoexec.bat and reboot your system for changes to take effect. if however, your autoexec.bat doesn't contains a PATH statement, just type PATH= followed by the folder name that contains the java interpreter, save the file and reboot your system.

Note that extra spaces are not allowed in the PATH statement. So be careful while typing in your PATH statement.

For Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP:

  • Right click the My computer icon on your desktop.

  • In the right click menu that appears select "Properties" and click again.

  • You will be presented with a window titled "System properties".

  • In the "System properties" window select the "Advanced" tab and click.

  • In the window that appears now locate the button "Environment variables".

  • Click on the button titled "Environment variables".

  • Look for the table titled "System variables" in the window that appears.

  • Select the variable "PATH" and click on the "EDIT" button.

  • A small window will appear now containing the PATH in highlighted mode.


  • Press the right arrow key carefully (to place the cursor at the end of whatever is already there in the text box). Now, type a semicolon.

  • After the semicolon type the path to the folder containing java interpreter (java.exe).

  • Press the "OK" button to save this new  PATH and exit.

  • Close all the windows and exit.

  • Reboot your system for changes to take effect.    

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Can I backup my files on a CD or CD-RW or DVD?


Probably Yes, you can. But I must qualify this statement by saying that while many users of this program, as well as myself, have been able to do this, there are many who couldn't. The reason for this I cannot guess. The program itself has not been designed to write to a CD ( I do not know how to write a CD burning software in Java :-)). 


Some users have reported that with InCD (comes with Nero Burning Software) running, they are able to backup to a CD or DVD without any problem. Here is what Dennis Blakeslee, one of the long time users of AKGBackup has to say on this matter:


"As for making backups to DVDs, I'm running Roxio and have no problem writing backups to discs. Roxio installs a UDF Reader program, which seems to be necessary in order to do this. Good to know that this procedure works with Nero as well."


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