About Me

After installing the blog software on my domain, when I clicked on the “About” link to edit it, I had to pause for a few minutes thinking what to write about myself.

What should I write about myself? What is my name, where I live, what work I do? Is that me? Conventionally yes, that is how I introduce myself to people I meet. But on the internet, will you be interested in the information which I myself consider to be useless? If you are coming from a country other than India, or even from a state in India other than Bihar or Jharkhand, you will hardly be able to picture the place I started my life in. My name will not matter to you at all. And my work, unless we can enter into a business relationship, will hardly matter to you.

I think you should only acquaint yourself with what I express on this site. I am only what I express, nothing more than that. Just think about the persons around yourself; aren’t they only what they express about themselves knowingly or unknowingly to you?

If you spend a few precious minutes of your life reading what I write, I will consider my efforts well rewarded. After all, time is the most precious commodity in life, if not in the marketplace.

So, I am what I do. What I do on the internet is before you, if not the whole then at least the part. I would be grateful if you could spend a few minutes more of your time to leave a comment on my blog.

Thank you.

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