The contentment I feel sometimes, as I am feeling right now since last few hours, is simply miraculous. The world seems so beautiful and the heart feels so peaceful. It is easy to point out the apparent external reason which triggers such a state, but difficult to understand the deeper underplay of forces. I feel such things only when I am able to meditate properly.

I can only say that it comes somewhere from within, otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible to experience this through meditation. The external influence which helps trigger it must be knowingly or unknowingly energising some centers which are normally inaccessible to most of the people, and are touched only in a meditative state.

I think that I have met some evolving soul who is more or less at whatever level I currently am at. I first got acquainted with this person a few months back. Even though initially I didn’t feel much, gradually I started feeling a pull which was inexplicable, and grew stronger day by day.

We met next on 4th September. We talked of nothing significant, but after we parted and I went back home, I found myself in a state of utter contentment which lasted for more than a day. Even my death would have caused no discontentment then. The experience was beyond words, and hence can’t be explained.

I kept in touch through emails and sometimes through SMS. Sometimes messages from that person triggered the same experience though it lasted for a much shorter duration on those occasions.

I was blessed to see the person again on 28th September. Again the same miraculous and sacred feeling accompanied me afterwards for more than a day. Even though I wanted to meet again to have experience once more, it was declined to me as he was busy in his day to day affairs. The denial did cause great disappointment, but I knew that whatever happened, happened for the betterment.

I tried meditating a few times, but somehow couldn’t. The contact with a Guru or a fellow traveller makes the experience so easy to come by. And therefore, people tend to get dependent on such persons.

I had a telephonic conversation with him yesterday. Again we talked of nothing in particular. But again the same contentment and peace took hold of me which is still around. I don’t know whether I should thank the person, or the existence, or my stars. I even don’t know for sure whether the contact with me is in anyway helping him too or not. Should I ask him?

Someday I will talk to him about my experiences and ask him about his own. I am sure that if we could travel some distance together it would help both of us tremendously.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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