The cricket match at Delhi abandoned, but why?

Dangerous, under-prepared, unplayable and bad pitch is the answer as all of us know. The fact that it happened in the national capital, New Delhi,which is preparing itself for a major sports event in the near future makes it all the more reprehensible.

The question to be asked is why is such a pitch offered for play at all? Is it callousness on the part of the people responsible, or is it their ineptitude? Do the curator and his team know how to prepare a cricket pitch at all, or have they been appointed for the job on the basis of their reach within the corridors of power?

The incidence is just a little symptom of the rot in the system. Shall we see the guilty being punished, or shall we all be treated with the usual platitudes and promises of action to set the things right?

Sri Lankans should have walked out much before when they eventually did as they were getting the punishment for incompetence and callousness of someone else.

By the way, did any Indian player, or offical, think of complaining about the pitch or stopping the game before the Sri Lankans?

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  1. yogshastri says:

    Good one! We often find recluse in our favorite phrase “chalta hai”. But we also raise a lot of hue and cry if something wrong happens with us. Had this incident happened in Australia, we would have condemned Australians as racist or schemers trying to defeat us. Our newspapers and media would have had a field day with Australian cricket citing all the incidences in past. That is what we have become. If we are wrong we ask others to compromise and if we are right we demand justice. Cheers!

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