Be Happy….

Be happy, no matter what it takes. Life is too short and uncertain, and you don’t need anyone’s discourse to know it. Live your life on your own terms no matter what the consequences; they mean very little as long as one is fully alive while owning full responsibility for one’s actions and their consequences. Burn the candle of life from both the ends, extract all possible juice from each available moment, and pursue your happiness with all your might and determination.

I know that there are certain circumstances when one can’t be happy for reasons beyond one’s control. But the reasons shouldn’t include what others will say or think; to hell with the world. You came alone, and will depart alone. No one else should be able to dictate the terms of your life. You are too insignificant in the grander scheme of the existence to bother about the world or society or others. If you are able to take care of yourself, and make yourself rejoice, that is more than enough. The existence will rejoice with you as you too are a part of the whole.

If we could remember one simple rule, to drop absolutely anything which makes us unhappy, we would be so much happier. There is an exception (actually that is not an exception if you analyse it deeply) to this rule, but I will tell you about this sometime later. Give it a thought, though: what could be the exception?

I hate only one thing in my life, and that is to find myself imposing on others for my own needs or wants. I have’t yet been able to free myself of this even though there are only a few wishes unfulfilled in my life as I have been able to drop most of them.

It is funny, and also quite painful, to find yourself stumbling at the blocks you thought you had overcome. I have learned and experienced many lessons during last one year or so, and these lessons have given me strength I hadn’t imagined possible before. But I had to go through real personal hell which made me question many a time if those lessons were worth the pain I had to endure. Probably one doesn’t have any choice even in the matter of the lessons life chooses to teach.

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