Breaking free…

Life can be so beautiful, so fulfilling and so enriching that no one would need any heaven after death. It can be in the here and now. No wonder, freedom is cherished so much.

Each of us is trussed with so many invisible chains. Most of us can’t even see them. And among those who can see, only a few are able to break free; it needs so great a courage that almost all of them decide to continue living enchained.

There are two ways to approach the problem. One is to start, and then go on, breaking chains one by one consciously. The other way is to work upon yourself without bothering about them. The first way is painful. The second one is painful too, but it makes those chains fall by on their own accord. On the second path, you become free even while remaining tied up. Unfortunately, how you have to walk on the second path can’t properly be described in words. It is a trick, and once you learn it, it can be the key to all the locks holding you back.

The trick can only be taught person to a person non-verbally. No one has taught me this trick. I got it while reading some words; but I know that it was not the words which did it. In my case, it simply happened when I was reading the relevant words from a master. But that occurs very rarely, and hence the need of some Guru at least initially. Then you might need a Guru after you have traveled some distance on the path; but that comes much later. I am in need of a Guru right now, but don’t know if I will be blessed with one in this life time. Since I am like that proverbial Bengali wife (Keno? Kothay jacchho? etc, :)), I would probably shoo that Guru away by my skepticism.

Don’t make any hasty decision about breaking free, unless you are sure that you want freedom. Freedom comes at a cost we might find too steep to pay. It all depends how you look at your life. If you prefer to stay in your comfort zone, even if painful, freedom is not for you.

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