The good and the bad…

I have almost always been of the view that it is very difficult to decide what is absolute good or what is absolute bad. In my view, it is we who decide what is good and what is bad; we label them according to our own needs and understanding.

In reality, things are as they are, and will be as they will be; they are neither good, nor bad.

The germination of this post started today when a friend of mine sent me a message, “Hope everything will be alright in the end”.

I am in a peculiar situation these days. I am in trouble, but don’t know what kind of end to these troubles I really want, or which ends would be better for me. So yes, I can only say that whatever is the end will be alright irrespective of what I want. And do my wishes really matter in the grand scheme of the things? I think not. They might matter to me very much, but do they really matter overall? I might wish from all my heart to stop a particular day turning into the night, but as my wish would be in conflict with the overall scheme of things it won’t matter at all and the day would turn into the night at its appointed time. I would be pained, I would be hurt, but that is my problem, isn’t it?

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