Coming Back


How time flies; my first post was published more than a year ago, and the second one is germinating right now.

I do wonder many a times: has the passing of time actually accelerated, or is it only the psychological time which has? I suspect it is the latter. I think this feeling of accelerated time is due to the fact that our time, if you think of it as some sort of container, has become too full of things to do. We hardly have any free time. It is really unfortunate in the extreme because “time” is only the only true wealth for us. And why wealth, “time” is actually the life itself. What do we mean when we say that a person lived for 80 years? Don’t we mean he had 80 years’ time at his disposal?

It truly saddens me to see what we do with this time or life we have.

Anyway, enough of this episode of rambling. I was reminded of this blog by my closest friend Yogesh. Yesterday he told me that he was thinking of starting his own blog, and naturally I agreed with him that it was a pretty good idea. Each one of us has many ideas to express. We do express them, but most of us do it in the real world with real vocal words which leave no footprint on the sands of time. We should try to do it in the virtual world of the internet. Ain’t it funny that what you do in the real world becomes virtual or non-existent the very next moment after you do it, and what you do in the virtual world might keep existing even after you are no more on this earth? LOL.

I think this time I will surely succeed in immortalizing some of my memories.

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  1. yogshastri says:

    Thanks for starting (actually restarting) your blog. You are certainly right about the way we tend to utilize the time available to us. Every breath, that we take is expelled never to return again. But such is the fundamental nature of human being. Caught between the two opposing (but not mutually exclusive) desires of immortality and having a gratifying time (without doing much about it LOL), we usually kill half of our time in thinking about how to do the right things and the other half in doing nothing about it. Cheers!

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