Getting stupid:

Think about it, when has someone ever told you that you were too damn smart? People don’t ask you where you went to college or what your job is because they want to see how dumb you are. They ask you because they want to know your qualifications as a smart, logical, and responsible human being. I mean, aren’t we supposed to be smart? Aren’t we supposed to use the analytical knife that is our brain to outwit others with our charm and dapper use of a broad vocabulary? Aren’t we supposed to think things through rationally and break them down into comprehensible pieces and pieces and pieces so no one ever surpasses us in the Academic Decathlon of Smart-Ass-ness? Isn’t that what my parents paid over $100,000 for me to do?!?

Sure, we can be like that if we want and we’re well prepared for it. But I want you to try a little experiment. Try becoming positively, irreversibly, and obnoxiously STUPID. Right now, I’m working on expanding my stupidity to more moments in my life. Here are my findings thus far:

Stupid is biking around the city all day with no set route and ending up in a café chatting with strangers.

Stupid is planless and timeless.

Stupid is when you’re on a jog and all you’re doing is jogging until you stop and realize you’ve never ran this far before.

Stupid is blind commitment.

Stupid is when you lift your arms in yoga class only to find you are crying incessantly for no reason…and you keep crying anyway.

Stupid is feeling what you feel, and not thinking what you feel.

Stupid is when you’re acting in a play and you stop thinking about what line comes next and how you are going to say it.

Stupid is staying in your body and not gallivanting into the realms of expectation.

Stupid is becoming lost in your art as it unfolds.

Stupid is getting out of your own way in service of something higher, truer, & more YOU.

Stupid is writing a blog about being stupid and saying to yourself “I have absolutely no idea where that came from, but I like it.”

Stupid is expressing yourself with pure abandon.

Stupid is jumping off the tightrope and not caring if you land in a net.

Stupid is free-falling into Life.

Stupid is acting stupid because you are stupid.

Stupid is being stupid because you are acting stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does.

So I proclaim this year, month, week, day, and this very singular moment in time as your chance to get fully, truly, and seriously STUPID. Why? Because stupid is truth… stupid is life… stupid is real… stupid is raw… and honestly, stupid is the only way to go. Stupid is where it’s at.

Get Stupid. Get True. Get True-pid.

I read this today at some blog; I would add the link tomorrow.


“Stupid is expressing yourself with pure abandon.”

Loved this line :=). To add something of my own:

Each one of us is stupid in reality no matter what the IQ or how much we scored in our exams. Deep down we are all stupid no matter how much …we have read or understood. We began as stupids, and would end as stupids. It is only in the middle that we pretend and try to show that we are not stupid.

So you thought I was smart and are now shocked to see me behave stupidly. So what? When I regress to my childhood, I find myself as stupid as I ever was, and as stupid as anone else I have seen or met.

So you have better control over yourself, and you never expose yourself. So what? That only means you are a better pretender, and that makes you a greater stupid (lol).

Consider this:
Does it really matter if you prove to be smarter or more knowledgeable than others or not? What would really matter in your life is to have a person or two around or with you who can accept you with all your stupidity and frailties with love.

In my own experience, I have seen the magic your honesty can perform. We all know deep inside that we behave dishonestly all the time. We all know that we keep on pretending to be someone we aren’t, that we are so great or we are so considerate. But the truth is that each moment of our lives we are only driven by our own self interests. It is impossible to be selfless; selfishness is programmed into our genes, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible for various life forms to exist or subsist.

So I express myself with abandon if and when I feel like. It has landed me in some awkward situations, and I know that in future too it will, but I don’t care. Life is too short, and too uncertain, to be bothered about such issues. Ask someone who has lost a dear one suddenly, or is on the verge of losing one.

So, today I declare: I am one of the stupidest, selfishest (if you can tolerate this word :)), and most inconsiderate guys you have ever met in your life, and if you still feel I am worthy of being your friend, you are welcome. Hats off to you.

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