Hello Myself

🙂 Yes, Hello Myself.

It has been quite some time since I have been thinking of recording events, characters and memories which are significant to me for some reason or other. Call it lethargy or inertia, the thought remained as what it was, a thought.

Today, I decided to take the plunge. Life is so uncertain. You do not know for sure if you will wake up next morning or not. We are not getting any younger, are we? Even though I am not that old, the wear and tear due to time have started becoming apparent. The memory, which was once almost a photographic one, has started giving slips sometimes. The mind feels a bit burdened by all the responsibilities of work and home. The body, well you know, is not getting more energised everyday; I will confess though, that I am not helping it as much as I should to maintain its energy levels.

I also remember listening, in my childhood, the interesting events in my parents’ lives. My father has a great way of narrating incidents in his past. As a child, I was greatly fascinated by what he narrated to us; the incidents seemed far more fascinating to me than any stories told in various story books and magazines. These days, I find my kids equally enchanted by the stories of my childhood and early years.

I have often wished that my father could write down his memories. I made him agree to do this and even provided him with the best note-book I could lay my hands on. Unfortunately, after making a start, he has not written much. Initially, I was greatly disappointed about it. But when I realized my own inertia in doing the same, I have forgiven him :-).

I think there cannot be a single human being on this earth whose life story will be any less interesting than anything one has ever read. The only trouble is that these stories are lost with the person. The children might remember some of the stories of their parents, but since they are not able to write down even their own stories, the stories of their parents are lost with them forever.

The internet, in my humble opinion, should be classified as one of the human beings’ greatest inventions. It has really enabled them like no other invention of the past has done. The whole world of information is on your fingertips (who knew that this ancient phrase, “on your fingertips” will become a reality one day considering the mouse and keyboards we are using :-)). One of my childhood fantasies was to have a library which would contain books more than I could ever read. I used to fantasize that I will not have to work at all for livelihood and the only task in my life would be to read the books in my library. My fantasy has come true at least partially. Even though I have to slog more than eight hours everyday of my life for earning my livelihood, I have really acquired an inexhaustible library in the form of the internet.

Do you think that “blog” is an inappropriate name and the proper one would have been “Incoherent Rambling”? LOL.

So, here I go.


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