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10:05 PM

Tonight is going to be extremely difficult. The signs are not good in the least. I have planned a very important session of meditation with three friends, but the sense of dread I have today for my own personal reasons will make it very difficult for me.

Let us see if I can rise above the emotional turmoil I am facing today since the last one hour. Let us see if I am able to calm myself enough for the task I have assigned to myself. After the session, if during the period the unspeakable hasn’t occurred, I will try Bardo suggestions.

Let peace prevail all around.


11:30 PM

The session was wonderful. I was able to calm myself within the first five minutes or so; and then it went on uninterrupted for the designated period. Now I know that nothing untoward is going to happen on my personal front. I also know now that the session has been successful. It is just a gut feeling sort of thing.

The session I am talking about was a sort of “faith healing”, which I take part in as an experiment. I don’t know if it really helped or will help in healing the person it was intended for, but the calmness which descended on me is certainly a big bonus for my being.

Whether faith healing works, or can work, can be answered only if the issue of “mind over matter” can be settled either way scientifically. I have explored this issue in some depth, but haven’t been able to make up my mind either way. The skeptic in me rubbishes such ideas for lack of evidence, but the agnostic in me doesn’t discard the idea completely.

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