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AKGBackup - The backup program




The inspiration and the driving force for this site has been my love for Java programming language. The idea of a website originated in my mind after I became a Sun Certified Java Programmer. The initial thought was to help Java programmers who wanted to go for Sun Certification.


Once I started developing my site, I was hard put to place my site in a category for the simple reason that ideas of other types of content started raising their heads. Finally, I decided to let it develop on its own and be a reflection of myself - chaotic, haphazard, not belonging anywhere and free flowing. Isn't life like that too? So I decided to let my site flow freely.

I have always loved humor, and have found a good laugh to be almost like taking a refreshing mental shower. It refreshes and rejuvenates the mind, freeing it of all the fatigue and worries. I have been collecting jokes I liked and I would very much like to share them. Be forewarned though, if you are a puritan. Jokes are nothing but a reflection of human follies. So, most of the jokes in this collection will play upon the the human follies, irrespective of the type.

Poetry is another of my passions even though I can't write poems myself. I feel that poetry reflects the harmony in the poet's being. It is a song sung by the poet's heart. I have presented some of the poems I have loved. Most of these poems are by ordinary people like you and me. They reflect more of the feelings rather than the art of composition.


I am also much bothered by questions about human life and its mysteries. I can say that I suffer from a slightly philosophical bend of mind :-). My thoughts on some issues are presented here in the musings section of this site. If you also suffer from the same affliction sometimes, you may have some food for thought in this section.





The java mock test on this site has been rated very highly by independent websites - some have even called it "The best mock exam on the net".


The backup application AKGBackup has been rated as Top 5% by jars.com. This program has also featured in the famous and one of the most widely read newsletter of Mr. Fred Langa. It also got a 5 Star rating by sofotex.com


To see what people from all over the world have been saying about this site, please visit KUDOS RECEIVED.



Wish you a happy visit to my corner on the net.





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